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PCOS Challenge Newsletter - July 2013
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In This Issue:
Macy's PCOS Challenge Fundraising Event
Sponsor Spotlight:
NVN Therapeutics
Expert Help for PCOS
New on PCOS Challenge Radio
Featured Article:
8 Tips for Healthy Eating for PCOS
Featured Article:
Just Not Feelin' It: When PCOS Interferes with Sexual Desire
Dear PCOS Challenger,

We have some wonderful guests on the PCOS Challenge radio show. Some of their topics include: managing PCOS, your sexual health, and recent advancements in PCOS research.

For a lot of women, PCOS affects many parts of life—health, finances, social, career, etc. One very challenging aspect is the emotional strain that may come with the effects on sexual desire or libido due to hormones, body image or other factors.

We all have things that we want to experience in life, and if being sexually confident is on that list for you, then listen to Dr. Gretchen Kubacky's advice about PCOS and Your Sexual Health.

Also, if you've been struggling with PCOS, Amy Medling, PCOS Diva, has some great advice on Managing PCOS and living a healthier and more balanced life.

For additional insight, you also can read
Dr. Gretchen's and Amy's helpful articles:

Be Sure to Tune In to Today's
PCOS Challenge Radio Show

Registered Dietitian and PCOS expert Angela Grassi joins me to talk about "What's New with PCOS?"

We'll be discussing new advancements and research in PCOS over the last five years. It will definitely be an informative and exciting show.

Thank you for reading and stay encouraged!

In good health,
PCOS Challenge Signature
Sasha Ottey
Executive Director



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Sponsor Spotlight


NVN Therapeutics (PCOS Challenge Radio Show Sponsor)

PCOS Workbook

Susan Derence
PCOS Patient and
Director at
NVN Therapeutics

We salute NVN Therapeutics, our new radio show sponsor, for their support and commitment to the PCOS community!

As a PCOS Challenge member, you are eligible for exclusive discounts on NVN Therapeutics medical food products for dietary management of PCOS. Just enter PCOS Challenge discount code PCOSFREE at the time of check out.

To learn more about NVN Therapeutics products for women with PCOS, listen to the PCOS Challenge radio show with NVN Therapeutics Director, Susan Derence and visit



PCOS Challenge Expert Series


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You Are Not Alone. You Now Have a Team of Experts to
Help You Overcome PCOS!

As part of our continuing mission to provide women with PCOS the best information and support resources for overcoming Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, PCOS Challenge has teamed up with five renowned PCOS health and wellness experts to bring you the PCOS Challenge Expert Series™.

PCOS Expert Series Workshops (CDs Now Available)



New on PCOS Challenge Radio

PCOS Challenge Radio

Today's Radio Show

Angela Grassi, Registered Dietician



Angela Grassi
Registered Dietitian

July 31, 2013 at
6:30 PM, EDT

What's New with PCOS?

Angela Grassi, MS, RD, LDN, the author of PCOS: The Dietitian's Guide and The PCOS Workbook joins Sasha Ottey on the
PCOS Challenge radio show on July 31 at 6:30pm, EDT to speak about what is new in the world of polycystic ovarian syndrome. Angela and Sasha will discuss any new discoveries or advances have been made in the past five years.




Featured Past Radio Shows




PCOS and
Thyroid Health

Magdalena Wszelaki
Thyroid Diet Coach

PCOS and Thyroid Health

PCOS and
Your Sex Life

Gretchen Kubacky
PCOS Psychologist

PCOS and Your Sex Life

Managing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Amy Medling

Managing Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

Medical Food for PCOS - Glucorein

Susan Derence
PCOS Patient and
Director of Sales at
NVN Therapeutics

Medical Food for PCOS - Glucorein
Missed an episode of the PCOS Challenge radio show or want to listen to it again? Listen to it any time on


Featured Article: 8 Tips for Healthy Eating for PCOS

By Amy Medling (PCOS Diva)

The essence of eating healthy with PCOS is to consume food in its most natural state. It is truly a lifestyle approach to eating and is very beneficial to women with PCOS. Processed and refined foods wreak havoc with hormone levels. So clean eating will actually help you begin to balance your hormones. As insulin, cortisol, testosterone, progesterone, estrogen, and thyroid become more in balance, PCOS symptoms will be alleviated.


Featured Article: Just Not Feelin' It:
When PCOS Interferes with Sexual Desire
Just Not Feelin' It: When PCOS Interferes with Sexual Desire

By Dr. Gretchen Kubacky

One of the most difficult aspects of PCOS is what it does to your libido — your sexual fantasies and your desire to express your sexuality. Sometimes you're up, sometimes you're down, and with PCOS, maybe a little of both at the same time. According to a recent University of Chicago study, fully 33.4% of women ages 18-59 suffer from hypoactive sexual desire, the technical name for low sexual desire. For PCOS women, the percentage is probably higher.

There's certainly a range of what's considered normal, but that's a whole lot of women who just aren't feeling like having sex. If you're not having sex, alone or with a partner, or an active sexual fantasy life, you're missing out on feelings of warmth, love, and connection that enhance your overall sense of well-being.


About PCOS Challenge, Inc.

PCOS Challenge, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit ( We are one of the largest and most active support organizations for women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome worldwide. We touch the lives of women with PCOS and their supporters each year through cable television and radio programming (, online and offline support groups (, and education and awareness initiatives.

Since our programs began in 2009, we've helped many women find answers that helped them overcome their struggles with infertility, weight gain, anxiety and depression and reduce their risk for life-threatening related conditions.

If you know other women with PCOS, encourage them to join to gain the information and support they need to live happier and healthier.

Help spread the word and make PCOS a public health priority!







From the Desk of
Sasha Ottey - Executive Director, PCOS Challenge, Inc.
Sasha Ottey
Executive Director

PCOS Challenge, Inc.
501(c)(3) Nonprofit

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Our Vision
PCOS is treated as a
public health priority.

Our Mission
Raise public awareness about PCOS and help women with the condition overcome their symptoms and reduce their risk for life-threatening related diseases.




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